written by JoNny on 1st Jan 2021 19:18
Hello TrackBase community,

a happy new year to you guys. Since the Map of the Year voting has ended, we can officially announce the MAP OF THE YEAR 2020.

It was a close run and there have been a record number of votes this year. Thank you so much for your participation!

I don't want to keep it a secret any longer, so the map of the year with 18% of the votes is

Capuzzo Airport Final

Congratulations to the map makers and the winner of the 150 TBP, Dillerfrantz!

2nd place with 14% of the votes: Special Delivery TE Final

3rd place with 12% of the votes: ET:L Supply Depot 2

TrackBase wishes you a lovely & healthy year of 2021 with lots of good frag sessions.
Stick with us, a great year is ahead! ;)

Your TrackBase Team. :)

The winner of the pre-voting can be found here
written by JoNny on 10th Oct 2020 18:08
Dear members, guests and tracking enthusiasts,

TrackBase is becoming 10 years old today.

Paul van der Knaap had published TrackBase as a better tracking alternative on 10th October 2010.
A lot has changed since then - except for one: Our love to Enemy Territory and FarCry, and TrackBase of course! :D

Following changes have been implemented:

  • [ET] Changed the clan ranking method: The rating from all players is taken into account now.
  • [ET] Support for Server URLs has been added. Any server that has .URL filled will feature this url on it server page
  • [ET] Levelshots and Command Maps can now be clicked, the image will open enlarged.
  • [ET] Clan logging has been extended! A lot more actions are now being logged, so abuse is no more option and can always be tracked.
  • [ET] On user request: Map ownership for map creators. Any map publisher may now request ownership over their map. This comes with the feature of being able to edit all the map details and be able to upload new versions that will be published after a review. Go here to see your map ownerships.
  • [ET] An overhaul to the home page. You can see more relevant information to you now on the top (right). Polls and video suggestions have been moved down. You can now switch between the ranklist and TSP toplist. Your favorite server now updates information, so you don't have to refresh and can get the latest player or map information right away.
  • [ET] Introducing "Clan of the day": Every day we are calculating a new clan of the day. This feature is intended to support smaller clans that might not get to the toplist. With a little bit of luck, your clan can be "Clan of the day (COTD)", too.
  • [ET] Not just your home page updates in the background. Also the server information page has been updated accordingly. You won't have to refresh anymore. Additionally, average ping and the NxAC flag has been added. Server monitor URL, server signature URL and server shortcut URL can now be copied to the clipboard with a single click. Also, all servers that have a shortcut will now be linked all over TrackBase with it. No more IDs to remember. Server usage charts have been fixed.
  • [ET] Removed random and best maps when a search is performed. Also you can now re-order the search by your wishes. A few more details are now shown right away. You can vote for a map right from your search.
  • [ET] On user request: Removed the requirement for a minimum of 3 characters when "exact playername" is checked. Also, all results are now shown in a paginated view. You can additionally re-order by your choice. TSP rate and rank has been added to the results.
  • [ET] Since the serverlist and server overview are the most used pages on TrackBase, searching for a server has now also gotten a lot easier. A few more filters have been added. And you can re-order by your choice.
  • [FC] Added the video filebase on popular request. You can submit new YouTube videos for your filebase now.
  • [FC] Fixed a long lasting bug that would not calculcate the awards every day. Now you can at all times see a new award winner!

.. and many more bug fixes and stability improvements.

Additionally, since TrackBase just turned 10 YEARS today, we were working on more user requests and FOUR new platforms that, however, didn't make it until today. We're working hard to finish them up and roll them out until the end of the year. These are:

  • TrackBase Dashboard - This will be your new starting point where all relevant information will be available, and more.
  • TrackBase Support - This will be a new central place for all support related topics. FAQ, Forms and Tickets included.
  • TrackBase Matches - This will be interesting for all teams that want to play competitively. For all games. Create your team, search for and invite members, find and play matches and see your win statistics. All in one place.
  • TrackBase Statistics - This will be a rather small informational site for all statistics nerds that would like to know more about the data TrackBase is gathering.

At last, I want to thank you - our users - for your continued support in TrackBase. Thanks also to all people suggesting features and reporting bugs. Thanks to our beta testers, our premium members and current and past TrackBase staff. It wouldn't have been possible without each and everyone of you!

Thank YOU!

Finally, I'm gonna impersonate Bernie Sanders and...

Please consider supporting TrackBase through a donation, if you love what we are doing!

P.S. If you didn't find the feature you were hoping for or have already requested, then don't hesitate to join our Discord server and contact us. We are already working on other already-requested features that didn't make it in time of todays launch.

JoNny and the whole TrackBase Team.
written by JoNny on 4th May 2020 13:44
Dear community,

Today I am announcing to you our beta program. TrackBase is seeking users and enthusiasts of its platform and supported games to join together in a team where new ideas will be brought up, discussed and realized.

I encourage you all to think of something that you would like to see on TrackBase or report things that shouldn't be kept in future versions.
As we are approaching our ten-year-anniversary we as TrackBase want to give back to all the users of our platforms who are still active after all those years.

What do you need to do?
* Join our Discord server at and/or text JoNny directly via JoNny#4423
* Visit our forums and create a thread in the relevant forum: TrackBase Bugs, Feedback & Feature requests
* Contact us via pm or email

I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and feedback from you!

JoNny & The TrackBase Team
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